Global Procurement
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Global Procurement

WHY would you consider entering into a Global Procurement project with IGC ( ? 
If you are a major Global Company, …but buying in and branding locally, in small volumes in each country, then you might want to consider the benefits of :

• buying in globally at consolidated prices
• while still having a local supplier who knows local market regulations, speaks the language and can offer local services and knowledge.

The immediate benefits are visible savings through:

• Order volume consolidation
• Direct orders from Far East (no local middleman)
• Selected choice and harmonized messaging
• time savings for Brand Managers
• standardized order Process System
What IGC proposes to your company :

• Mondial Gifts in Belgium, representing IGC, proposes on regular basis new items to your company HQ.
• your company HQ selects the items which can be proposed via IGC to the individual countries.
• In each country, the local IGC member visits the  local your company branch and proposes and explains the new products.
• The branches have a time window to place a firm order to the local IGC member.
• IGC consolidates all quantities to have a better price.
• IGC delivers the goods directly to the individual branches in each country.
• The local IGC partner invoices directly to the local your company branch.

Advantages for your company :

• your company HQ controls the quality and look & feel of the items used by all the branches.
• your company HQ controls pricing to avoid that some branches base their judgement more on non-objective grounds.
• Individual countries pay much less for the same items compared to local individual purchasing.
• your company HQ has no work invoicing global purchases.
• your company HQ does not stay with unpaid goods on stock.
• All branches have a local IGC contact person in their country,  who speaks their language, knows their markets, restrictions and regulations.

IGC members are experts in the field of promotional merchandise with the latest ideas to promote your company and increase your sales volume. IGC members communicate daily, via our intranet system, enabling your company to coordinate its marketing – promotional campaigns in a worldwide basis. IGC combines all the benefits of one big company, together with the benefits of many global companies. In other words with IGC you can “think globally and act locally”.

All members of IGC subscribe the conventions of the ILO, concerning childlabour (138), non-forced labour (29 and 105), non-discrimination of employees (100 and 111) , freedom of union and collective bargaining (87 and 98), protection of workers representatives (135 and 143), minimum wage fixing (26 and 137), hours of work (1), occupational safety and health (155), and expect their suppliers to organise their factories and offices in accordance with these conventions.

In short words, working with IGC members means:

 Better prices
 Successful campaigns through innovative products and new ideas
 Access to “global” ideas from more then 400 gift and premium professionals based in  5 continents and 41 countries.
 Certainty to be delivered on time and to receive the quality you ordered.
 Quality in service
 Quality products
 Flexibility
 Respect of ethics